We’re back at it. M. and C. returned to school today and L. will head back tomorrow.1 It was a pretty good break. I was worried that things would spiral out of control last week, when S. was back at work. The girls were cuh-ray-zee in the first couple days after Christmas and I wondered how they were going to tolerate another week cooped up in the house. But they regulated themselves nicely and we had a solid week. They even managed to sleep late almost every day. Most mornings I was up before all three of them, and I would often sleep until 7:30. Amazingly, they popped up this morning without any meltdowns or issues.

All three girls went to our friends the H’s house on Friday for a group sleepover. It was C. and L.’s first ever sleepover. From what we heard from Coach H Saturday morning, they didn’t sleep much but otherwise did pretty well. Apparently Mrs. H got stuck sleeping with L., but she knew what she was getting into when she invited L. to join the older girls!

S. and I had a pretty low-key night. We went out to dinner and ate at 7 instead of 5, which was nice. Then we came home to a completely empty house. It was weird. We could not remember the last time we didn’t have at least one girl in the house at night. It seriously may have been the last night before M. was born. We should have had a party or something.

With the girls back in school I guess that means 2013 has officially begun. We took the Christmas tree down earlier than normal this year, but still have a few decorations to get put away this week. And we are 15 days from Disney, so that should help January go by quickly. Which is nice, as I hate January. March Madness and baseball season can’t get here soon enough.

  1. Most of the public schools around here do not start again until tomorrow. We’re not getting the logic of that at all. Why do people need one more day when New Year’s Day was a week ago?