So there I was, putting my final touches on my ode to Ben McLemore when a quick check of Twitter revealed that the sports news world was exploding. There have been some crazy sports stories over the years, hell even in the last couple weeks,1 but good freaking lord, this Manti Teo thing just blows them all away.

I pride myself in avoiding stories that are more celebrity gossip than real sports news but man, I am all in on this one! I have no idea where this is going, or if we’ll ever know the whole truth. But I’m along for the ride.

Twitter was an absolute goldmine in the aftermath. I lost count of how many times I burst out in laughter as the Tweets rolled through. Sometimes Twitter can be a pain, or the snark can go on too long. But in the 2-3 hours after the story broke, Twitter was great.

I didn’t go through and mark my favorites over the evening, but the one that keeps making me laugh was Ken Jennings’. I believe I’ve mentioned before ow surprisingly great the former Jeopardy champ is on Twitter. This Tweet was especially inspired, though.

WHOA. I am no longer the most famous Mormon to invent an always-suspiciously-absent “girlfriend” in college.

So it’s only Thursday and Lance Armstrong and Manti Te’o have provided historic lessons on how we need to be careful about buying into the myths that are built around athletes. I wonder what the hell will happen next.

  1. Lance, of course. And the Suzy Favor Hamilton story is pretty jacked up.