I was in Bloomington covering a high school basketball game Thursday night. By the time I did my interview, wrote, and filed my story, moderate rains had moved through B-town.

To get back to the highway, I had to drive the main north-south street that runs through downtown. Along the way, one car pulled out in front of me then stopped, blocking my lane. Moments later another car slammed on its brakes when its attempt to make a left turn was blocked by a car straddling the center line. Next the first car to block my path veered into my lane to its right while trying to make a left turn. Finally, at a double left turn, a car in the right-most left turn lane decided to make a U-turn, cutting off traffic in the other left-turn lane.

My immediate thought was, “Did IU lose tonight and everyone in this town has lost their mind?”

Ninety minutes later I got home and saw that, yes, IU had lost, in crazy fashion. And I think everyone in B-town did lose their minds. Or they were more likely just really drunk.