We are off. To Florida. Again.

I know.

We are spoiled rotten, and our daughters are going to grow up to be contemptuous brats that complain because they’ve been pamered their entire lives.

I mean, who goes to Florida twice in two months?

It was an unexpected combination of factors that has us well on the way to Captiva Island by the time you are reading this. We felt a little silly going south for spring break when we were just at Disney. But the combination of factors seemed like a sign that we should take advantage of this opportunity. You never know when the things you always thought you could do later are no longer options.

So wish us luck. We’ll be in the van 12-13 hours today and spend the night in Valdosta, Georgia before continuing on to Captiva on Saturday. We will then spend a week in the pool, walking the beach, and enjoying the sun (we hope). And next Friday night/Saturday we’re busting out that 18-19 hour return trip in one epic drive. If you go to church, please pray that we don’t kill each other or lose our minds that day.