Well, it’s raining again. But it’s only 9:00 and today it looks like the storms are going to blow through in the next couple hours.

But, man, yesterday was about perfect. Right around 80, overcast until noon when everything blew away, and we then had perfect Florida skies all afternoon. We did a shell walk in the morning. We watched the sun set from Sunset Beach in the evening.1 And in-between we spent most of the day in the pools. Where a funny thing happened.

I took C. and L. over to the pool with the water slides, where L. and I splashed around while C. slid. While she was in line, a girl said to C., “Are you M.’s sister?” Yep, it was a girl from M.’s grade and Brownie Troop at St. P’s. C. ran over to get M. and they played together for awhile. M. and her friend have never been in the same class, so I didn’t know who her parents were. But a few minutes later a woman came over to M. and said, “This might be a weird question, but are you in the second grade at St. P’s in Indianapolis?”

We introduced ourselves and talked for a few minutes. It is their first time in Florida for spring break, too, and while they didn’t plan to come down with other St. P’s families, they knew one or two others that were also down. And later in the day the girls saw a teacher from St. P’s sitting by the pool, too.

Almost 1200 miles from home and you can’t walk five feet without running into someone from Indiana or Kansas.

  1. How original!