Another great series at the AV Club is Hate Song, where they invite artists to talk about a popular song that they hate. Duh.

The latest entry, which features Matt Skiba of Alkaline Trio,1 just happens to focus on my least favorite song ever, "Two Princess" by the Spin Doctors.

Holy crap do I hate that song. Why? Because it never went away. Nearly two full years after the first time I heard it, the local generic “hits” station in Kansas City,2 would play it endlessly. Now this wasn't a station I would normally, or ever, listen to on my own accord. But at my job, which was in a warehouse, it was the station that was usually piped into the work area all day. In the summer of 1994, they played this damn song constantly. It was not unusual to hear it every 90 minutes, all day long. Worse was when there was a change in DJs, which apparently also reset the clock on when they could play it again. Because I know, with absolute certainty, there were several times when I heard it twice in less than an hour.

Again, this was THREE YEARS after the album on which it appeared had been released, and over a year after the song charted on the Billboard Top 40. But it had the hippy, faux-alternative sound that appealed to far too many people, and the ad wizards who made the playlists at 93.3 insisted pumping it out as often as possible.

It was a horrible song to begin with. And then a shitty radio station in Kansas City tried to push me over the edge to pure madness by treating it as though it was “Yesterday” or “Imagine” or some other classic track by McCartney or Lennon.

  1. A band I know absolutely nothing about. 
  2. 93.3 FM, I believe it was called Mix 93 at the time. Or maybe Mixxx 93.