<p>It is not often I post to Facebook, but last Friday I did. And my post elicited some questions. So, for those of you who are Facebook friends, saw the post, and wondered what was up, here&apos;s the explanation.</p>

<p>First, my post:</p>

Nothing says &apos;Thanks for having us over&apos; like your kid puking on the dinner table.

<p>So what happened was, after our weekly soccer practices, we went to our neighbors&apos; home for dinner. M. was kind of dragging, but I didn&apos;t think much of it. While the other kids played, she sat quietly on the couch watching them. I should have known something was wrong, since she never stops talking. I asked if she was ok and she said she was just tired. When it came time to start loading plates up, the other kids crowded into the kitchen and she remained in the dining room. I went out to ask what she wanted to eat and <strong>BAM!</strong> here comes the puke. All over the table. Lots of it.</p>

<p>Fortunately the other kids had yet to seat themselves, otherwise we might have had a <em>Stand By Me</em> situation where all the kids were hurling in response. </p>

<p>Turned out about half of her class was sick that day or night, so something potent was going around. She had the worst of it in our stomach flu episode two weeks ago, and got nailed again. Poor thing.</p>

<p>By the way, L. did finally get sick at the tail end of our first round. In her bed at night, of course. S. avoided all that, somehow, but apparently ate something bad Sunday night and has been fighting a messed-up stomach ever since.</p>

<p>And with that, I think I’ve hit my quote of posts about the B’s; digestive issues for the year. I’m sure you’re relieved.</p>