I think we’re ready, all of us, for school to begin.

Trips to the pool have been the cornerstone of my daily plans for the summer. Give the kids time to veg in the morning, get outside a bit before it heats up, maybe run an errand or two after lunch, then spend the afternoon at the pool.

But we’re going on week three of strange weather. When it’s warm and muggy during the day, it’s often been cool at night, making the pool water chilly. Other days it’s either rained, or threatened to rain, keeping us home. I think we’ve been twice in the last two weeks.

I’ve also run out of other, interesting things to do with the girls. There are only so many parks you can visit, or trips to the mall that you can make. Adding to the fun, the neighbors are on a late-summer vacation, so there’s no easy distraction right outside the door. It’s been a long week-to-ten days.

The girls have had some playdates, so they’ve either been running around to friends houses, of having pals over here. But that only ties up part of the day. I’ve been a poor parent this week and let them spend way too much time in front of the TV.

“Hey, girls. Want to go to Target/the library/the grocery store?”
“Ok. Watch another show.”

We’re all bored with each other and ready for a change. M. and C. are still young enough where they’re excited about returning to school. We got their class assignments on Monday and C. got a postcard from her teacher this morning. Sunday night we’ll ratchet bedtime back a little and Monday morning I’ll rouse them earlier so they’re ready to do it for real Tuesday night/Wednesday morning.

When they head back to St. P’s that still leaves L. and I three weeks before she starts pre-K. Drop-off and pick-up at St. P’s will give our days structure, though. And I’m going to enjoy those last 13 days when it’s just her and me as much as I can. This is going to be a different school year for me, with four hours a day to myself. But next fall, when all three girls are at St. P’s together, my life will really change.

It’s been a great summer, and we still have some fun things to do before it’s officially over. But as far as summer break is concerned, I think the B’s are ready for the end.