(Administrative note: I’m in the midst of another big, blog redesign project. It will likely take months to complete and I’ll explain more as the re-launch gets closer. Part of that is no longer posting pics of the girls here. I figure most of you who are close to me are either A) friends on Facebook or B) know how to reach our family picture page. So that’s where you need to go to see the obligatory First Day of School pics.)

M. and C. are off to school. C. was bright-eyed and ready to go as soon as I woke her. M. was grumpier and not nearly as excited about the whole thing. It’s a short day, dismissal is at 1:00 today, so it’s a nice way to ease into the new school year.

L. and I walked the big sisters into the school this morning. M. ducked into her class on her own. I don’t think she wanted me anywhere near her desk. We took C. into her room and helped her get started putting her stickers on all her supplies. I tried to keep her focused but her eyes were darting around, seeing where friends from last year were sitting, who was walking in the door, and how Mrs. W’s room is set-up. The room was crowded with kids and parents, so L. was a little clingy.

Once I was confident C. was getting her work done, we ducked out and headed to the lunchroom for the first day coffee and donuts. Again, it was really crowded and L. was sticking very close to me and not saying much. We grabbed her a donut and some juice, and I guided her to a table near some parents I know that I wanted to say hello to. When she sat, she kind of stared at her lap, not making a move for her donut. I bent down and asked if she was ok and she burst into tears. When I asked what was wrong she blubbered, “I’m just tired…” Which probably was partially the case. But I think the crowds weirded her out a little. And, I’m afraid, she was either bummed she’s not starting school yet or sad that her sisters were leaving her. Which made me sad.

I picked her up, she hid her face in my shirt, and we hustled out to the van. She was very quiet all the way home, although she did eat her donut, and still seemed sad when we got home. But she seems to have rebounded. Hopefully this was just a one-morning thing and it’s not going to repeat until she starts school in three weeks.

But the big sisters are off.

The supply thing was odd. For the second-straight year we pre-ordered all the recommended supplies from St. P’s last spring. It’s nice to have them waiting there for you on the first day of school and be sure that everything is what the teachers want them to begin the year with. But I kept feeling like I was missing something last night when we got their backpacks ready. I threw in lunchboxes this morning and that was it.