Because nothing is more boring that reading about someone else’s fantasy sports team, I’ll just say I’m reasonably pleased with my lineup after last night’s draft. I had the third pick, planned on taking Marshawn Lynch, and went with Adrian Foster when the guy with the #2 pick snatched Lynch up.

We have only eight guys and drafted 15 rounds, so we raced through it in about 90 minutes. There was a group of 12 people near us also drafting. They began at least an hour before us and were still going when we left. It was much easier than my last draft, a dozen years ago. Back then, we all had our own computers to do research on but had to walk up to the “big board” and enter our own picks. I remember that draft taking close to five hours.

More importantly, high school football begins tonight in Indiana. I’m off to watch a team that went 9-2 last year, but lost a ton of seniors. They produced one of the most exciting games I’ve ever watched a year ago, coming from 21 down in the fourth quarter and surviving a long pass as time ran out to grab a 41-40 win. They’re on the road against a team that isn’t great, but which beat a couple good teams a year ago.

But all that matters is I’m getting out to watch and write about football in a few hours.