Week three at school and folks are still having issues with the drop-off procedure. Which naturally always makes me think of Mr. Mom, when Jack drops the kids off for the first time and does it all wrong. Each day the teachers who monitor the drop off area at St. P’s have to run over to a couple cars and explain that kids can’t get out off the left side of the vehicle, that you have to pull all the way up to the sign, or to wave cars forward who are just sitting in the drop-off zone. Come on, people. It’s week three. You should have this shit down!

Our morning routines are falling into place. Most days involve the girls taking turns being grumpy. Neither M. nor C. are especially excited about getting out of bed. But C. stays super-grumpy for the first 20 minutes or so. Usually during this time M. finds a way to get on her nerves. Then, when her blood sugar rebounds, C. is suddenly full of energy and M. gets grumpy. Yin and Yang, I guess. I can’t imagine where they get the morning grumpiness from.

This morning, M. made C. cry at the breakfast table. Fifteen minutes later, C. made M. cry while we were getting them dressed. Nothing but good times in the mornings here!