OK, this is just nuts. The team that I saw in week one of high school football? That had the quarterback who threw for 373 yards and six touchdowns? Well apparently they were just getting warmed up.

Last Friday they won their game 83-78. Again, this is HIGH SCHOOL FOOTBALL! As the Indianapolis Star story I link to below points out, the schools’ boys basketball teams played a 71-67 contest last season.

Each team’s total offense number placed them in the top ten of all time nationally. The QB I saw in week one went for a cool 490 yards and six more touchdowns. The losers rushed for 657 yards. They’re averaging 64 points a game and are 0-2.

I can’t imagine trying to cover this game. With these pass happy teams it’s often hard to count the yardage, mark the play, and fill my stats sheet out before they snap the next ball. I can’t imagine trying to track 1700 yards of plays.

Remember when high school football was the most conservative level of a conservative game?

Basketball on Turf