That’s what the family calendar on the refrigerator shows this morning. Three hundred sixty-five days down, zero to go. Which means, though the sun will rise in the morning and the normal work-week will continue (for some) on Thursday, today is still an end and tomorrow another beginning.

2013 was, for the most part, great for our family. Three big family trips (Disney in January, spring break in Florida, Boston for a family wedding). Girls soccer and swimming and tennis lessons. L. in pre-K. S. in a new job. Plenty of water fun, despite the relatively cool and wet summer. One winter that lasted too long, followed by another than began too early.

Then there was the Pacers pushing the Heat to a game seven. The Royals’ August run. Wiggins joining the Jayhawks. Peyton coming home and getting beat. Another division title for the Colts. And a bunch of fun and interesting high school sports assignments for me.

The year was not perfect. No year is. But we were spoiled rotten. I think we used our travel allotment up for awhile, so it’s going to be basketball and good TV shows that get us through this winter instead of counting down the days until we head to warmer climes.

If you’re celebrating tonight, be safe. And may your 2014 have more good than bad, more health than illness, and more laughter than tears.