Overheard on the way home from school yesterday.

C.: M.! Did you hear Justin Beaver got arrested?!
(She still has a few words where she replaces B’s with V’s. I love that Bieber is one of them.)
M. (bored): Yes.
L.: Why’d he get arrested?
C.: He egged his neighbor’s house. And he snuck out of a club.
L.: Oh. He left a club? What’s that?
C.: It’s like a place people go at night.
L.: I hope Taylor Swift gets arrested.
C.: Why?!?!?
L.: For cheating.
(Aside: some girls in the neighborhood aren’t fans of Ms. Taylor and offered the argument that she wins tons of awards because she ‘cheats’ somehow.)
M. (big sigh): Taylor Swift doesn’t cheat. That’s just Hannah’s opinion. That doesn’t mean it’s true.
L.: Weeeeellllll, I still want her to get arrested.

Funny how celeb gossip travels through St. P’s. Glad C. didn’t get the whole story about the Beeb’s escapades at the club last year. And I’m kind of proud of L. for not buying into the Taylor Swift hype.