As I write this, I’m sitting in the living room, looking out the front window, waiting for the next snowstorm to hit. The first flurries are expected to start falling in the next hour, and by morning we’ll have 8-10” of new snow. Yeah, I’m about done with this winter bullshit.

What a waste of a month January was. St. P’s and St. E’s follow different schedules, so the girls had slightly different delay/cancellation experiences last month. Both of them sucked, though. M. and C. missed five days of school, one of which they’ve already made up, and were delayed just three times. L.’s school, which follows the local public school schedule, had it tougher. Six days cancelled, six delayed, plus the MLK holiday. They were in school 13 days in January, only seven for the entire four hours. Since it’s a preschool, they’re not making the days up. Which, honestly, I’m fine with. We’ve made enough adjustments to our calendar already without having to add a bunch more make up days.

I’m guessing that, at best, both schools will be delayed tomorrow, if not cancelled again.

We should have saved one of those Florida trips for this year.

I had big plans for January, too. I was going to begin making some contacts that could, potentially, lead to some more work projects this winter and, ideally, turn into at least a part-time gig next fall when L. moves to St. P’s. All this weather bullshit, combined with my natural laziness, means I haven’t done squat in that area. Maybe I’ll get to it tomorrow…

Anyway, I know we’re not the only ones suffering this winter. And we’re fortunate that I am able to be home and deal with all the schedule craziness. I’m just annoyed, a little bummed out, and completely done with winter. I know there are other parents who have had a terrible time finding people to watch their kids when the school schedule has been adjusted.

I just hope this is the last big snowstorm of the year. Or at least the last one that hits during the school week. There’s already another potentially big storm forecast for the weekend. Sigh…