A good subtitle for this might be, “The Jig Is Up.”

We’ve had two Tooth Fairy visits in the past week. And they revealed something important: M.’s got it figured out.

It began last week, when L. lost tooth #2. I couldn’t remember what the going rate was for that tooth. She got $5 for her first tooth, but was the because it was the first tooth, or was that the same price for each front tooth? I only had a five dollar bill, so it didn’t matter. I slipped it under her pillow on my way to bed, although while I was in her room she opened her eyes, blinked at the ceiling a couple times, then rolled towards me. This tooth business is getting harrowing!

The next morning she came into our room at roughly 5:30 to let us know she got $5. Charming. Ninety minutes later, when we were getting ready for school, she showed her loot off to her sisters. And M. lost it.


Kind of an extreme reaction, to complain to the parents when the Tooth Fairy is the one who dropped the money off, I thought.

She went a step further a moment later.

“It’s not fair! You only gave me three doll….uhhh, the Tooth Fairy only gave me three dollars for my second tooth.”

Interesting. I gave her a brief look but let it pass.

We reminded her life isn’t fair, threatened to take away all fun things for the next six years if she didn’t knock it off, etc. etc. etc….

Last night, after we had put the girls to bed, M. yanked a tooth out. I was downstairs watching the KU game and she made a special trip to the basement to let me know it was out and show it to me. She also had a whole story to share.

“I think instead of putting it under my pillow, I’m just going to put it on my nightstand. That way it doesn’t get knocked onto the floor or something. Because a lot of times I find stuffed animals on the floor in the morning. I think they fall off when I’m moving around in my sleep. And I don’t want the Tooth Fairy to not be able to find it. So I’ll just put it on my nightstand.”

A typically verbose M. explanation.

But she had a good point. Remember, the last tooth she lost, I was unable to find under her pillow and the Tooth Fairy left her a note with her money saying she hadn’t been able to find it. M. was being very prudent, both in saving TF some hunting, and letting dear old dad know exactly where her tooth would be.

I’m not great at math, but I think I can put 2+2 together. It took over nine-and-a-half years, but she’s starting to leave some of the myths we teach our children behind.