It’s been 60 years since the Milan Miracle, when tiny Milan high school knocked off much bigger Muncie Central in the Indiana boys high school championship game. If you’re not from Indiana, you likely know of the game because of the fictionalized version that had Hickory High winning in the movie Hoosiers.

The Indianapolis Star had a fantastic oral history of Milan’s run over the weekend.

Bobby Plump doesn’t spend a lot of time on “what-ifs.” The shot went in after all, didn’t it? Why worry about what would have happened if the ball clanked off the back of the rim that night in Hinkle Fieldhouse?

”I think the correct answer is this,” Plump says, standing in the exact spot where he took the shot. “If I hadn’t made the shot, I wouldn’t be standing here talking to you about it 60 years later.”

Milan 60 Years Later