As mentioned yesterday, we are traveling for the next few days. We’ll be making a quick trip west to visit friends and family in Kansas City over the first part of St. P’s spring break. We’re hoping to see many of you while there.

Yesterday was the last day of school before break, and in the parking lot there were several vans with storage containers strapped to their roofs. C. was telling me which friends were going where. As usual, Florida is the most popular destination. I made a comment about how it would be fun to go back to Florida again this year, but it wasn’t possible.

“Oh, I don’t want to go to Florida,” she said. “I’d much rather go to Kansas City!”

I’ve taught that one well.

As it is a quick trip, we don’t have too many exciting plans. Mostly eating food and seeing people. The forecast looks good for the two full days we’ll be in town, which is nice.

Upon our return next week, we will have visitors of our own. Aunt K is bringing cousins W and S to Indy for a few days. The girls are very excited about that.

If anyone else is traveling around over the next week, be safe.