Good lord that was a long week.

Long because there was much fun involved.

Long because there was much effort involved.

Long because there was much beer involved.

Long because many hours were spent in the sun and water, both sucking the energy from our bodies.

Long because, as tends to happen, sleep came at a premium.

Long because I married into a big family and when we get almost the entire clan together in one house for a couple days, it’s a production.

Hopefully people had fun. I think they did. Sometimes it’s hard to tell when you’re busy and tired and trying to keep your kids in line.

Amazingly this week we hit the mid-point of our summer. School is less than six weeks away.


I think the second half of the summer will go a little slower than the first half, as swim season wraps up this week and our pool time will become afternoon lounging hours rather than practice each morning and two meets per week. There will still be plenty of activities to make the girls breaks roar by, though.

August 14 will be here before we know it.