Day: August 8, 2014

⦿ Friday Links

Running a little late on everything today.

A fine profile by a fine writer. Pat Jordan on the eternal kid, Johnny Damon.

An Idiot In Exile

These are crazy times for music. Tom Petty just nabbed the first #1 album of his career. Which seems kind of crazy. More crazy is who preceded him: “Weird Al” Yankovic.

As my girls would say, I know, right?

Anyway, in case you wondered how “Weird Al” manages to make parody versions, legally, of so many popular songs, this article should clear it up.

How Do Royalties Work for “Weird Al” Songs?

I’ve been trying to write down more notes on paper lately. Part of it is just that I’ve never been a “write things down” kind of guy, but as I get older, and have to track my kids’ stuff in addition to mine, I’ve had to be more careful about putting things on a list. And while my iPhone is always with me, I have never found the perfect note taking / To Do list app. So paper and pen it has been.

As Nick Bilton writes, though, the era of the pen may well be ending soon.

Fare Thee Well, My Pen

It seems like you can’t swing a cat1 without hitting a new brewery or gourmet beer restaurant these days. Joshua Bernstein writes for Bon Appétit that we may have too much of a good thing when it comes to options for good beer.

He may be onto something. Or not. I’ve never heard complaints about there being too many choices for wine.

America Now Has Over 3,000 Craft Breweries—and That’s Not Necessarily Great for Beer Drinkers

What activity have you done regularly, for the longest time? No way can you match Richard Hendrickson. He’s been sending in reports to the National Weather Service, twice a day, for 84 years.

And I’m pleased with myself for running a blog for 11 years.

Long Island Weather Observer Sets U.S. Record With 84-Year Streak

Finally, at Grantland Andrew Sharp argues that going to Minnesota might be the best thing to happen to Andrew Wiggins’ NBA career. I’m not sure I agree, but I hope he’s right.

What About Wiggins and the Wolves?

  1. I’d never swing a cat. Nor should you. It’s just fun to say because I have no idea what it means. Did people really used to pass the time by swinging cats by their tails? And cats aren’t that big; it’s not like you’re taking out the village when you swing one around. It makes no sense. 

Friday Vid

“Summer Nights” – Van Halen
School starts next Thursday, so it’s the last, real Friday and weekend of the summer for us. One last time to go down to the ol’ fishin’ hole. Wait… I don’t think Sammy was really singing about fishing, was he?

Oh well, a great summer song and Van Hagar at the finest.

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