This quick, odd summer of 2014 is officially closed. After a fine start, in which most days were pleasant but not oppressive, things turned cool and rainy right about the time our swim season ended. So there were a lot fewer trips to the pool this July and August as compared to last year.

Since Mother Nature is a bitch, it’s felt like late June/early July ever since school started. We didn’t touch 90 degrees until two weeks ago. It’s been hovering in that range, with thick humidity, ever since.

This was the summer our girls became competitive swimmers, although I use the word competitive loosely. L. asked me just last night if she could do swim team again next summer, so I think it was a hit. They each proudly display the ribbons they earned on the bedroom bulletin boards.

It was also the summer that our family became boaters. Other than a few mis-steps those first couple of weekends, that has gone well and turned into a lot of fun. Coincidentally our LVS became a lot more popular with friends this year, and we were down there nearly every weekend until school began.

L. mastered riding a two-wheeled bike.

The girls wore out their library cards.

So it was a pretty good summer.

Now it’s time to settle into the rhythms of the school year, dive into soccer season (which begins this Sunday), and enjoy the spoils of fall.