“Run To You” – Bryan Adams
I was thinking about the music I was listening to back in the fall of 1985, the last time the Royals were in the playoffs. I know most days that fall the first thing I did after getting home from school was put on the Miami Vice soundtrack. I was listening to a lot of Tears for Fears, too.

This song came a bit later in the fall, as winter approached. I seem to recall thinking it would be a good song to learn how to sing and play for another freshman at Raytown High School that I had a crush on. Which, looking back, is horrifying on so many levels. I’m pretty sure the girl in question would not have been impressed by a skinny, awkward guy who wore glasses and had unruly hair showing up at her house and singing a song about blatant infidelity to her. Nor would her parents.

But whatever. It’s fun to laugh at what Bryan Adams evolved into, a master of schlocky pop, but his album Reckless was pretty freaking fantastic. And this is a song I continue to crank up a few times a year. As an added bonus, Ryan Adams decided to cover it this week. As with everything he’s done lately, his version is pretty great, too.