“I Got Knocked Down (But I’ll Get Up)” – School Of Seven Bells covering Joey Ramone

Normally I disqualify covers from my year end lists. But occasionally I make an exception.

And no, it’s not a cover of THAT song.

Rather, this is a wonderful cover of a song that Joey Ramone wrote while he was battling lymphoma, a disease that would eventually kill him. School of Seven Bells founding member Benjamin Curtis was diagnosed with the same disease in 2013. He recorded this song while hospitalized for treatment, connecting with vocalist Alejandra Deheza via FaceTime. Curtis played in his hospital room, she sang in the studio, and he directed her on how to adjust the recording equipment to get the sound he wanted.

Curtis died last December 29. This was released last June, a powerful and emotional last single by a band that made beautiful music.

Sitting in a hospital bed
Frustration going through my head
Turn off the TV set
Take some drugs so I can forget
I, I want life

20 – “Black And White” – Parquet Courts