Today is school day number six of the new calendar year. Thus far, we have had two normal days.

Four times we have had two-hour delays, thanks to a combination of snow (last Tuesday), extreme cold/iced over roads (Wednesday and Thursday), and just ice (yesterday).

Today we were back on normal start time, but C. is home with me sick.

And even one of those “normal” days has an asterisk next to it since I was out-of-town that day and S. was getting the girls ready and off to school.[1]

Still, a far cry from the beginning of 2014, when the first four days were cancelled completely and day number five featured a delayed start. Several schools in our area have had to cancel classes a couple times already over the past week. Once again, not having buses pays off when the roads are in decent shape but the windchills are well below zero.

Even if the weather holds, next Monday is a holiday. So it’s going to be awhile before I feel like I’m back in a routine again. First world problem, I realize. But I’m still looking forward to having the girls in school for seven hours, four-straight days next week.

Knock on wood.

Fortunately it was her day off, so no big deal.  ↩