“Let’s Groove” – Earth, Wind & Fire

EW&F was a big part of the broad musical education my parents gave me. I remember there being a couple of their albums in our record crate, and I loved flipping through them because of their fantastic, futuristic, outer-space themed covers and liner notes. The music was pretty solid, too.

I found myself listening to one of the greatest hits collections earlier this week. The music stands up. Really well. So here’s a song I bet a lot of you have forgotten, but that you likely grooved to at the skating rink in the early 80s. And the video is freaking amazing!

The only problem with this song is there’s not enough Philip Bailey.

Not enough Philip Bailey? I can solve that problem…

“Easy Lover” – Philip Bailey and Phil Collins

What a great song, both ironically and legitimately. Hearing it always makes me think of two things (which I’m sure I’ve shared before):

1 – A Sunday evening in the spring of 1985 when I scanned through the entire AM band to see how many stations I could find that were playing the night rerun of American Top 40. “Easy Lover” was the song I was listening for as I raced through the frequencies. Sadly, I did not have a blog back then so the number of stations is lost to history.

2 – When we bought some new appliances a few years back, our salesman was named Philip Bailey. I so badly wanted to say, “If you sing a few bars of ‘Easy Lover’, we’ll gladly take the extended warranty on all these items!” One of the top five regrets of my life that I did not have the nerve to say it.