Straight up, I did not like Maurice Clarett back when he played for Ohio State. Part of it was just that I don’t like Ohio State and I hated their coach at the time, Jim Tressel. There were always rumors about him off-the-field, too. Rumors that seemed to be proven true with some legal issues after he left college that resulted in him landing in prison.

However, since he went to prison, he has taken hold of and turned around his life dramatically. It’s been an amazing thing to follow. I don’t know that he leads a perfect life today (who does?) but he seems like a very different dude than the youngster who helped lead OSU to a national title.

I know many of you have seen this already, but on Twitter today, Clarett has had some strong takes about both the retirement of Chris Borland after only one year in the NFL, and how schools manage their “student athletes.” Since he lived in the belly of the beast, his opinion has a little extra heft to it.