Day: May 1, 2015

⦿ Friday Links

David Letterman is now in his final month hosting a late night talk show. Here is a fine Q&A with him from The New York Times.

David Letterman Reflects on 33 Years in Late-Night Television

After over a decade of blogging, I’m finally linking to something from Playboy. And it’s an article!

Anyway, you might want to view this page carefully. Of course, given what can be found on the Internet, Playboy seems awfully damn tame.

This is an excerpt from Tim Grierson’s new book biography of Public Enemy, focusing on the making of their epic third album, Fear Of A Black Planet. I was listening to that album nearly non-stop exactly 25 years ago.


I’m sure the sports fans out there read about Cincinnati Reds manager Bryan Price’s epic rant a week ago. That brought up talk of the other great managerial rants over the years.

Tyler Kepner asked New York Yankees PA announcer Paul Olden about his role in launching Dodgers manager Tommy Lasorda on his fantastic 1978 tirade. My favorite thing about Lasorda’s rant is how he casually says “See ya, Joe,” to someone else leaving the locker room as he winds down.

What About Those Three Kingman Homers? Oops

Athlon Sports asked a group of Big 12 reporters to rank their favorite cities to visit. A bit of a surprise that Fort Worth came in at #2.

Ranking the Big 12 College Towns

For several years, I was an early adopter of the latest, greatest Apple technology. Now, I’m perfectly happy with my two-year-old MacBook Air and have no plans to upgrade my iPhone 5 immediately when our contract expires next month. There are multiple reasons for that, but one is that I’ve learned to appreciate the capabilities in the things I already own rather than lust after something that is a little more powerful, or has some new technological advance.

Christopher Mims writes about hanging on to older gadgets, and explores some reasons why that is more common.

(Note: this is behind the Wall Street Journal’s paywall, but if you Instapaper it, it will save the entire thing.)

In Defense of Good-Enough Gadgets

Each year, as the air warms and we get closer to spending time in pools and lakes, I have to work off a few extra pounds gained during the cold days of winter. I have a few more than normal to shed this year, as my winter weight gain began a little earlier than usual thanks to the Royals playoff run.

I never go on any strict diets. I just try to eat a little smarter, trim portions, and make sure I take advantage of nice spring days by exercising outside often.

But these are some solid guidelines to follow no matter what your overall health status is.

Simple Rules for Healthy Eating

Lastly, the US Coast Guard shared some pictures they took last week during the lull between winter ice and summer algae in Lake Michigan. It’s pretty amazing that shipwrecks can be viewed clearly from the air. Especially since I generally believe Lake Michigan to be a pretty polluted body of water.

Lake Michigan Ship Wrecks

Ship Wreck

Friday Vid

“Once In A Lifetime” – Talking Heads
One of the oddest, and thus most memorable, videos from MTV’s earliest days.

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