Long-time readers of this site will recall, likely with great pleasure, my periodic updates on the wildlife around our home from years past. We’re in a bit of a boon in that area, so lets revisit that genre of post.

One night last week I was walking through the living room right at dusk and noticed movement between our deck and trashcans. Like so many times over the past 12 years,1 there was a big, fat raccoon slinking into our woods for an evening patrol. I called the girls out and stepped onto the deck. The beast turned tail and crept back to its hidey-hole under our deck, giving me the stink eye the whole time.

Now this was not a surprise. The usual entrance/exit hole under our porch has shown clear signs of traffic all year. But we did have to pull a dead ‘coon out from under the deck last summer, so we had hoped perhaps we would have a year off. We’ve had a raccoon, or raccoons, living under there pretty much every year since we moved in. No sign of babies this year, though. Last week the girls and I watched the video from about 7 years ago where a momma and five babies crawled out.

Speaking of babies, though, there are some of those around. Yesterday morning, as I stepped out into our sun room to drink my coffee, I saw a kitten on the deck. And then another. And a then a third. They were all pressed up against the house, trying to avoid the morning downpour. They skittered away when the girls came bounding out. There were still lots of ooohs and aaahs despite the brief glimpse.

Last night, as I walked by our front door, I saw momma cat lounging on our front sidewalk like she owned the place. Scampering around her were the kittens. Momma wasn’t real fond of the attention coming from our side of the door, so she collected her kids and took off. Although one kitten got left behind. Later in the evening I saw the lost kitten sitting on our deck, mewing nervously, waiting to be rescued. Hopefully it got found because the last thing we need is a kitten than won’t go away.

I think the cats could be hanging around because our front yard is suddenly full of moles. Or at least one very active little motherfucker. I think all this wet weather is driving the moles crazy. We often have a mole trail or two, but they generally stick to the safe areas back in our trees. If the cats can catch the moles, I might rethink my feelings on them.

Raccoons, cats, and moles. And you think my life isn’t exciting.

  1. Facebook friends may have seen my post noting that we drove from our old apartments in Kansas City to our new home in Indianapolis 12 years ago yesterday.