“Coming Home” – Leon Bridges

If you haven’t heard Leon Bridges yet, you’re just in time. His singles have been thrilling the music world the last couple months and his debut album just dropped on Tuesday.
I’m fascinated by how artists make choices in what aesthetics they will adopt. I assume Bridges grew up listening to old Sam Cooke and Otis Redding albums. Any kind of pre-Beatles, pre-Motown soul music for that matter. While his voice perfectly fits that early 60s, AM radio vibe, it’s a big risk to think that might connect with the audiences of the second decade of the 21st century, where ears are more tuned to hip hop and a thousand sub-genres of rock. Then again, his all-encompassing vibe just might be aimed as much at the urban hipster, looking for something different to listen to, as a traditional urban audience.
Likely I’m over-thinking this. Bridges makes great music for everyone. His album is the perfect soundtrack to hot, muggy summer afternoons when you want to find a cool place to sit and relax for a bit.