The official middle of summer – the halfway point between Memorial Day and Labor Day – isn’t for another two weeks. But, for all intents and purposes,[1] this is the middle of summer since so many kids will be back in school four or five weeks from today. Thus, we should have a good idea of what the Song of the Summer will be. Or at least several strong, early contenders. Here are my two favorite songs so far.

“Fool For Love” – Lord Huron

Of my two choices, this is the one I’m hearing on the radio quite a bit. If you like it, you’ll probably enjoy the album it comes from, Strange Trails. The LP is filled with moody songs about longing and rambling and whatnot. It fits right into the world where The War on Drugs and Phosphorescent live.

“All This Wandering Around” – Ivan & Alyosha

Man, what a great tune for summer car rides. That lovely, sunny, George Harrison-esque guitar just fills up every room or vehicle this song is played in and makes everything a little bit better.

Have a happy and safe Fourth of July weekend.

  1. Or “all intensive purposes” for far too many Americans.  ↩