“In My Eyes” – Best Coast

Normally in October, I’m starting the think about my Best Of lists for the current year. Reviewing albums from early in the year I may have forgotten about, digging out singles that I only listened to a few times and demand more consideration, and then shuffling all my favorites around in various orders so that, in about six weeks, I can publish my definitive lists for the year.

This year it has been a little tougher to start that process. I’ll write about that in more detail in December, but it’s due to a combination of personal causes (changes in listening habits) and the music year in general (not nearly as good as last year, which was an all-time great one).

If I had to publish my favorite songs and albums list today, Best Coast would land very high. Which is a bit of a surprise. I’ve always liked Best Coast, but their songs often lack the depth that can make the difference between being a top five song and a top 15 one. But pretty much everything off their current album sounds fabulous. Wherever they land in this year’s lists, the spots will be well-deserved.