For some reason this week I was thinking not backward, to Christmases past, but ahead ten years or so to Christmases future. When M. and C. are in college and home for their breaks and L. is wrapping up her high school years. I wondered if I would still have my love of the various pop culture elements of the holiday season, and would greet the girls – and their friends who popped over to say hello – wearing thick cardigans as I offer them hot chocolate and other holiday treats, all while playing songs that are 40, 50, hell, nearly 100 years old in some cases. “Your dad sure loves his Christmas music, doesn’t he?” a visiting friend might ask one of the girls.

So to shake things up a bit, we’ll kick off this year’s Holiday edition of the Friday Vids with a couple new ones. Or two new versions of classics and then something completely different.

“Winter Wonderland” – Scott Weiland
Weiland released a Christmas album four years ago, which generated a lot of “Huh?” reactions in the music world. Especially when folks listened to the album and found Weiland in full Bing Crosby/Andy Williams/Dean Martin mode. Was he serious, or taking the piss out of the classic, crooner Christmas album?

As you may have heard, Weiland died yesterday. Which was not a terrible surprise given the way he lived. I’m still not sure what to think of his Christmas music, but it’s worth a spin today.

“White Christmas” – Sharon Jones & The Dap Kings
From their thoroughly enjoyable, brand-new holiday disk.

Nick Offerman’s Yule Log.
Performance art I can get on board with. Forty-five minutes of Offerman sitting quietly in front of a fire, sipping Lagavulin whisky. I explained this to S. last night and she said, “That’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of.” I disagree!