Another weird start to the New Year.

Just like in 2015, this New Year’s Day I received a call that a close relative was experiencing some serious health issues. While last year I had a day to prepare to travel, this time it required me to pack a bag and get in the car immediately. I spent the weekend mostly sitting in hospital rooms with the relative, returning home late last night.

I don’t want to share too many details, but I can say that in general, things are looking better. As I drove Friday night, the situation appeared rather serious. It has improved, but we’re still waiting on results from a series of tests that were done yesterday to try to figure out exactly what the problems are, what is causing them, and how to move forward.

It was a scary, confusing, and sobering weekend. My relative has been very proactive about making plans for ensuring that health care and legal decisions would be squared away should there be a time where they couldn’t make those on their own. All those responsibilities fall on me in this case. I admit I was very aware of the weight of that role this weekend.

For the moment it appears we’ve dodged another bullet. But there remains a lot of uncertainty about the future, both short- and long-term.