Sweet 16 day has arrived! I woke up with a little nervousness, but with a bigger feeling of excitement. As I always say, this is the best week of the tournament, and it is much easier for your mind to contemplate bigger scenarios when there are a maximum of four games left in your favorite team’s season.

Of course, being excited makes me nervous, so I’m sure by approximately 9:00 eastern tonight, I’ll be a big ball of frazzled nerves, snapping at the kids and worrying about whether I’m sitting in the right spot on the couch, if I’m drinking the right beer, etc.

The golden fan rule this time of year is to never look too far ahead. Never assume that a game is won until the final buzzer sounds. Never make plans based on the possibility of victory. I’ve had to throw that rule out the window this year, as I am planning for a potential trip to Louisville Saturday. I imagine my excitement is based as much on that as anything else. The chance to see my Jayhawks play for a regional championship in person. Hanging out with a buddy and some other folks I know casually. Drinking real Kentucky bourbon and eating real Kentucky Fried Chicken! How can you not get excited about those prospects?

Hopefully Perry, Frank, Devonte’, Wayne, Landen, and company come through tonight and make that trip reality.

I have a friend who is married to a Maryland alum. She is also a writer, so she put together a little essay about how they are getting through this week for the KU alumni association. It’s a fun read whether there are any divided loyalties in your house or not.

Duo’s dueling loyalties: She loves Jayhawks and he treasures Terps

Let’s win this thing.

Rock Chalk, bitches.