April 2016

  • Frightened Rabbit – 350
  • Caveman – 17
  • Eliza Shaddad – 12
  • Bleached – 12
  • Hockey Dad – 10

An odd month. So odd I almost skipped the stats for the month.

It was odd because A) the first week of the month was spring break, when I was listening to zero music B) it was a month that featured both a new Frightened Rabbit album and an appearance in Indy, so I listened to the hell out of that band, and C) I no longer have a last.fm plugin for iTunes, since I rarely use iTunes these days. And all the Prince music I listened to in April was in iTunes.

But I figured so FR likely broke my most listened to band in one month record, so I should go ahead and share. And this is only my Spotify spins. All the times I listened to their CD in the car aren’t included. I do love me some FR…

Complete stats available at my Last.fm page