They’re the worst.

Two stories of awful people I’ve encountered recently.

A couple weeks back I was at the grocery store. I rounded one aisle and turned into the next. A woman – probably 45–50ish – was looking at some items on the shelf. She had her cart parked so that the entire aisle was blocked. The way she was facing, she should have been able to see me clearly; it’s not like I’m a small dude. I waited patiently for a moment or two, but she made no move to either take a step back or move her cart so I could pass. After waiting an additional few seconds, I cleared my throat and very politely said, “Excuse me, please.”

Her response? No quick, unnecessary apology and adjustment of her cart to the side of the aisle she was on, as 99% of sane people do when you say excuse me at a grocery store. No, this woman sighed deeply and moved her cart the absolute minimum necessary to allow me to pass. Apparently I was putting her out by making a polite request to not stand and watch her select between brands of tortilla chips.

If you know me, you know I’m non-confrontational by nature. But this was so ridiculous I almost said something to her. I even paused for a second as I passed to see if she would look at me, hoping a witty and scathing comment would come to mind. You know I have to be pretty fired up to almost  say something to a complete stranger that is rude!

That was annoying and inconsiderate, but our next terrible person tops her.

Our drive from school takes us along a fairly busy stretch of road that expands to a five-lane highway briefly. In this stretch, there are some businesses set to the side, with a small street for access between them and the barrier to the highway.

As we passed this area yesterday, I noticed there was a car stopped in the middle of that side street. Both the driver and driver-side rear door were open, and an older gentleman was standing on the side of the car. He looked vaguely like my father-in-law, so I took a second glance. I noticed something odd about his posture. I took a third glance and WHOA!

This dude was standing in the middle of the street, facing a busy highway, with his dick out pissing in the street! I don’t know if he was making some kind of political statement, if he was suffering from a disease or condition that caused him to make socially inappropriate decisions, or he just couldn’t hold it until he got to the McDonald’s or gas station that were 500 feet down the road.

I’ve seen plenty of people pissing in the trees on the side of the highway, backs to the road. But this was a first, with a guy just letting it flow for anyone to see. Thank goodness the girls were busy arguing about something in the backseats and didn’t notice!