The first lake weekend of the summer was a success. It was just about a perfect weekend, weather-wise. It was up in the high 80s, low 90s both days without being too sticky. The water was still surprisingly cool, but was refreshing given the air temp. Saturday night was clear and beautiful.

We had three families from St. P’s down, so nine kids total. They were all pretty well behaved for the most part. Only one of all those kids was fired up about tubing fast. Somehow over the winter both M and C lost their love of jumping waves and going fast. They preferred to ride with other kids that wanted me to keep it fairly straight and gentle. The one wild kid kept begging me to “go so fast that you kill me.” I didn’t set any speed records, but on her final trip of the weekend, I did get her airborne and sent her flying, which she absolutely loved. It was really good to be out in the boat again.

L still has no desire to get in a tube. But she got a new fishing rod a couple weeks back, and one of our guests loves to fish. So those two spent hours fishing. On Sunday they took our little peddle boat across the cove to a nice, deep, sheltered spot and spent well over an hour casting and catching. I think L ended up catching 12 fish for the weekend.

The dads all closed out Saturday night sitting by the lake, drinking bourbon, and smoking cigars until well after midnight. I don’t think I had smoked a cigar in a decade? A dozen years? Since my bachelor party? It had been awhile.

We jump into the first full week of summer at home with both feet. M is volunteering at St. P’s VBS all week to earn her first middle school service hours. We have two swim meets and practices the other two days. And a long list of household chores and errands to knock out.