The last weekend of the summer of 2016. Not all of these songs fit that theme, but most do.

“Not Gonna Kill You” – Angel Olsen. Olsen’s MY WOMAN just hit this morning. I’m not all the way through it yet, but based on what I’ve already heard, and the reviews, it’s a strong contender for album of the year.

“Pony Show” – Heidi Gluck. Gluck used to perform with Indianapolis’ Margot & The Nuclear So and So’s. Now she’s based in Kansas City. For those facts, alone, she makes the list. She also has a nice, early solo-career Jenny Lewis sound to her.

“This House Is Not For Sale” – Ryan Adams.

“When The Summer Ends” – Ryan Adams. Amazingly it’s been over two years since Adams released a full length album of all original material. When he dropped his Taylor Swift 1989 cover last fall, he teased that a new album based on what he was going through during his divorce was on the way. This week we finally got a release date for that album: November 4. Apparently he’s still paring down the 80 or so songs he recorded into a single disk. In the interim, one of his all-time classics, and a song about summer coming to a close.

“Cleopatra” – The Lumineers. I’m not a huge fan of The Lumineers, but I do enjoy this song. Most summers, there are a handful of songs we hear over-and-over on WTTS, the Bloomington station that is the soundtrack to our lake weekends. This summer, though, aside from Adele, there didn’t seem to be as many WTTS songs of summer. This one might be the closest one.