Hall & Oates somehow just received their Hollywood Walk of Fame star last week. Which makes total sense. You know, an act that was in its prime 30 years ago just getting their recognition now.

Honestly, it’s staggering if you scroll through the list of entertainers who previously received stars and compare some of their careers to H&O’s. Maybe there was some conflict back in the act’s prime that prevented them from accepting a star; Hall can be notoriously prickly at times.

Despite the rather odd timing, I was pleased that they finally got their star, even if it is a pretty meaningless award for them in 2016. I don’t know that I ever stopped like Hall and Oates. Maybe I didn’t always publicize my love for their music, but neither did I skip their songs when they popped up. I will always listen to their greatest hits when they come up on Spotify, SiriusXM, or even terrestrial radio.

From an article about the guys getting their star, I was led to this genius piece from earlier this year. I agree with it 100%: Hall and Oates are not a guilty pleasure, and if you like music, you can’t not like Hall and Oates.

Unpopular Opinion: Hall and Oates Are the Ultimate Test of Whether You Have Any Taste