I believe I’ve said this before, but one of the reasons I like Spotify a lot more than Apple Music is because of the new music Spotify recommends to me. Apple Music’s recommendations always seemed to suck. Every week, between the Discover Weekly playlist on Monday and Release Radar playlist on Friday, I find at least one new act to listen to thanks to Spotify’s suggestions. This week’s playlist kicks off with two artists I was introduced to over the past week via those lists.

“No Taste Bomber” – Salad Boys. A pretty spectacular New Zealand outfit I had never heard of before, but which I’ve enjoyed immensely this week. If I was a dog, this song, from about the 2:25 moment on, would make my leg jerk uncontrollably. If that makes any sense.

“Dune Wind” – Palace Winter. There’s some classic R.E.M. in here. Some War on Drugs guitars, too. It’s all pretty tasty.

“24 Frames” – Jason Isbell. I’ve tried to like Isbell’s music. There are a ton of people I follow on Twitter who are crazy about him. But he’s just over the edge of too much twang for my tastes. This song, though, is a beauty and I can handle every bit of it.

“Couldn’t Know” – PAW. It’s 9/9, so one of our local stations is playing nine hours of 90s music. I thought I’d honor the day by going back to the best song, by the best band, to come out of the KC/Lawrence music scene in the 90s.

“Called You Queen” – Haley Bonar. I loved the first single, “I Can Change,” off of her new album, which I heard a few months back. But when the album dropped in August, I somehow missed it. I gave it a listen this week and it’s pretty fantastic, start-to-finish. There are a bunch of new albums out today I need to consider, but I find myself wanting to listen to Bonar’s again first.