Some week, last week. Not my favorite of the year, I’ll admit. But, to be fair, not the worst, either. Perspective.

Monday got off to a fun start when C threw up in her bed at 3:00 AM. Just when you think you’ve changed pukey sheets in the middle of the night for the last time… So she and I hung out Monday. She was flipping through movies on Amazon to watch and picked A League Of Their Own. When S, who was home between meetings, told C that Madonna was in it, C responded, “Who’s Madonna?” Good grief!

Tuesday was, well, you know. Kind of ruined Wednesday, too. Still pretty upset, to be honest.

Thursday I woke to either whatever C had, or my own ailment. That was fun. Also fun was spending the entire day on the couch in discomfort. I did get a very exciting email sharing news that one of our girls gets to do something very cool in a couple weeks. I’ll share more about that as we get closer to the event.

Friday everyone was finally healthy. The weather was decent. And college basketball officially started. Which means my stomach hurt, although the pain had nothing to do with lingerings from Thursday’s incident. After over 13 years living here, the Jayhawks finally played the Hoosiers on the hardwood. It was a fantastic game, especially given it was the first real game of the year for both teams. Shame about the final result, but that was just a fun game to watch. I got minimal grief from my wife the next morning. I’ll write more about the Jayhawks after they get through tomorrow’s big test against Duke.

Our weekend was pretty chill. The girls got to meet their newest cousin, which thrilled them to no end. They also got to see their other two new cousins before the day was over. They thought they hit the jackpot, seeing three babies in about five hours.

Hard to believe that Thanksgiving is just over a week away. L has her First Reconciliation Wednesday. Her sisters start volleyball tryouts this week. After the lull since fall sports ended, we’re about to get things cranked up again.