“Feel Right” – Esmé Patterson. This time of year can be frustrating for me, music-wise. I have the holiday tunes in high rotation. At the same time, I’m paring down the list of my favorite songs I’ve been building all year into its final form. And I’m reading other Best Of lists to make sure there’s nothing I’ve missed, which there always is.

Yesterday I read through Frank Turner’s list of favorite albums of the year and gave most of the entries a brief listen.[1] I don’t recall ever hearing Esmé Patterson before, but her’s was the only album I listened to front-to-back. She’s awesome. And this song/video is perfect boost of light an energy as we are about to get hit with our first bitter cold stretch of the season.

  1. Excepting Frightened Rabbit, of course. I’m pretty familiar with them.  ↩