It’s the first really big new music Friday of 2017! Which means bonus musical content for you!

Strand of Oaks and Son Volt have new albums out today. Middle Kids released their long-awaited debut EP. And the crown jewel of the day is Ryan Adams’ Prisoner, which is already making me happy/sad. Oh, and there’s a bonus cherry on top: Prince’s music hit all the streaming services again last weekend, which is also worthy of celebration.

So, first, your normal Friday Playlist. More to come in a bit.

“Ran” – Future Islands. Another band – like Ryan Adams – who was a big part of the epic 2014 year in music. This doesn’t reach the peak that “Seasons (Waiting On You)” reached, but it’s proof they’re not a one-hit wonder.
“All Who Wander” – Old 97’s. Never been a massive fan of this group – I do like a few of their songs – but this song is right down the middle of things I like these days.
“The Animator”/“Come To The City” – The War on Drugs. I was listening to their 2011 album Slave Ambient yesterday while cleaning the kitchen and had to absolutely blast this section. Really hope we get some new music from them before the year is over.
“17 Days” – Prince. One of my favorite B-sides, this was originally written for Vanity 6, but he reclaimed it when Vanity went off on her own. It was the B-side for “When Doves Cry,” and is just another reminder of how locked in he was between 1982-88.

“Edge of Town” – Middle Kids. I suppose I’m officially on this band’s early bandwagon. With good reason, though. Man do I love their early batch of songs, and I’m thrilled they’re starting to get some serious attention in the states. They just picked up a gig opening for Ryan Adams in their native Australia later this spring. I would be lying if I said I was not crushing more than just a little on lead singer Hannah Joy. Phantogram’s Sarah Barthel will no doubt be disappointed that I’m moving on from her.

Oh, there will be a bonus video up in a bit, too. Like I said, HUGE day!