Busy week so low on posts. Still time to share some music, though.

“Please, Let’s Go Away” – Trementina. Today is the first day of our spring break. As we’ve already taken a trip this year, we’ll be staying close to home for the next week. Doesn’t mean we can’t wish we were going somewhere warm, especially since the forecast is cool and rainy for most of the next 10 days. Love the little hints of Afro-pop in this song that enhance its desire to go somewhere else. Just found out these kids are from Chile, too, which is cool.

“This Time” – Land of Talk. Another dreamy song filled with longing.

“68” – White Jackets. These cats are from Finland, which is likely a first for the Friday Playlists. They compare their sound to the War on Drugs and Tom Petty. I listened to their album this week and I hear pretty much zero of that influence. But I dig this tune, which sounds much more like post-punk filtered through Shearwater.

“Are You Happy” – Bipolar Sunshine. A lot of the neo-R&B that is bouncing around the indie channels these days does not connect with me. But this song is magical. And it gives me hope that real spring isn’t too far away.