Saturday was an official Big Day for the family. It was L’s First Communion day, a day we’ve all been looking forward to for two years, since C’s First Communion. Do we just love First Communions so much that we couldn’t wait for the next one? Nope, that’s not it. Rather, we’ve been laughing for two years over the prospect of L wearing a formal dress for the first time in her life. If you know the kid, you know that idea is loaded with comedy.

Now L herself was not as excited about the whole dress thing as much as the rest of us were. When the school year began, and we got the dates for the various preparations that go into First Reconciliation and First Communion, we could sense some nervousness in her. I think once she did ask the question, “Do I really have to wear a dress?” We told her that, yes, she did have to wear a dress. But it was just for a couple hours and then she would be done with it. And we promised she could pick out some cool shoes to go with the dress. Unlike her sisters, who were both very excited about wearing high heels for the first time, L took it another way completely.

After several weeks of looking around online, she picked out some fancy, glammed up, white high tops. Once they arrived, she relaxed considerably regarding the dress.

That was the lead up to Saturday. The actual day went just fine, other than all the rain we had before, during, and after the ceremony. She looked fantastic in her dress and didn’t fidget too much. She was the star of her classmates when we arrived at church and everyone got a look at both her in a dress and her shoes. One of her friends took a similar route, wearing some regular white Chuck Taylors.

L had the first reading in the ceremony and handled that with aplomb. Dad the non-Catholic didn’t embarrass the family as we approached for the Catholics to take Communion. Although, just like with L’s sisters, the candle I held extinguished itself before we returned to our pew. You all know I’m not much for religion or belief in a supreme being, but I have to admit it’s a little spooky that’s happened all three times!

Afterward we gathered at our home for a large meal with family, and repeated it with the leftovers and our neighbors later in the evening. L didn’t realize some folks get you gifts for First Communion so she was thrilled she got some cash and other cool things. She had just spent her last $7 on baseball cards, so I may have to restrain her from spending all her First Communion loot on cards, too.

So another big milestone is checked off for one of our girls. And we flip the calendar to May which leaves just four weeks of the school year left. Amazing. Oh, and L headed to school today in her white high tops.