A couple kind of heavy songs in this week’s list along with a healthy dose of Ryan Adams.


“Headless Pin Up Girl” – Chemtrails. Written just as lead singer Mia Lust was coming out as Transgendered, this is all about the meaning of identity.

“Burn Blue” – Flasher. Hazy but not quite shoegazey.

“I’m Not” – Daddy Issues. A driving, moody track about sexual abuse. Just the thing to give you a lift on a Friday, huh?

“Please Help Me” – Ryan Adams. DRA released 17 B-sides from his Prisoner sessions last Friday. Some feel half-formed and definite works-in-progress. But a handful kick ass, including this one which feels like Johnny Marr doing late 70s, countrified, AM Radio pop.

“Rain” – The Beatles. We’ve received over 8” of rain in the past seven days, and it’s still raining. Please make it stop.



“Outbound Train” – Ryan Adams. Big week for Adams. He released the B-sides collection last Friday. He had a couple well-received shows in New York. He was on Colbert Monday. And on Corden Wednesday. In the two TV performances, I love how he changes up the sound of both songs from their album versions. Here he takes a song that has a very Tunnel of Love feel, cranks up the guitars a bit and turns it into something Bryan Adams could have done. On the Corden track, he took a shiny, open-chorded beauty and dials it back just a hair, then replaces a harmonica solo with a terrific, extended guitar solo. He’s good at music.