“The System Only Dreams in Total Darkness” – The National. The first single off the next National album is a shot out of the dark. So many of their songs are slow, brooding, builders. Here they get right to the point. Which confuses me. I’m used to it taking a long time to get into their albums; it took me a full six months to fully connect with 2013’s Trouble Will Find Me. Will this one require as much work to grasp?

“Manion” – The Courtneys. The Courtneys have a new album out. I gave it a spin last week and after it finished, Spotify dug into their back catalog for me. This song, from 2013, is my favorite of all their songs, old and new.

“Want You Back” – HAIM. After the teaser video for “Right Now” a couple weeks back, we get the first official single from the sisters Haim. I’m telling you, it’s going to be their summer.

“call the police” – LCD Soundsystem. A lot of people lost their shit when LCD announced they were reforming and recording new music. I was always, at best, a casual fan. Their music drifted just a little too far into electronic, art pop for my tastes. But, damn, do I like this song!

“The Underside of Power” – Algiers. Man this is a strong song, the first off of Algiers’ second album. I love the sub-genre name that has been applied to them: industrial gospel. After listening to this song a couple times, I can’t think of a better way to describe their unique sound.