Special playlist for a special time of year.

“Friday I’m In Love” – The Cure. A highly significant song in my life. Although it was Pearl Jam and Nirvana that were most responsible for shifting my taste in music away from Top 40 pop and R&B back in 1992, this song had a huge impact as well. It was so bright and shiny, unlike the gloom that I generally associated with The Cure. PJ and Nirvana might have piqued my interest, but this song sucked me into the alt-rock universe.

“Jack & Diane” – John Mellencamp. If it’s Memorial Day weekend in Indiana, you better hear this song a few times after you have a good buzz going. 

“My Friend Dario” – Vitalic. Speaking of Memorial Day weekend in Indiana, hopefully they get the race in on Sunday. The forecast is not promising at all.

“Summertime” – DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince. Let the summertime begin!

“Same To You” – Lydia Loveless. My #11 song for last year finally has an official video. And it’s kind of creepy.