A weekend of gatherings for us.

Saturday was new nephew #2’s first birthday party. Cake, presents, and the never-gets-old fun of watching a little one have their first experience with cake. Seriously, I love watching the pure comedy that is one-year-olds taking 5 minutes to figure out they can do whatever they want to the cake in front of them before they finally dive in with both hands. Good times.

New nephew #1 came to our house after and started walking. I don’t know if they were his first official steps, but it was the longest he had ever walked. He spent about half an hour advancing from 2–3 steps to moving about 4–5 feet at a time before needing to catch himself. That was fun.

Sunday was the Father’s Day gathering. We didn’t plan on it being a big deal, but since my in-laws are heading to Florida permanently, it ended up being a chance for most of the locals to say goodbye to them. They spent most of the winter in Florida, but returned in April to get their house here ready to put on the market. It’s been a long, grueling two months for them as they’ve tried to reduce nearly 20 years of collected stuff.

Their house went on the market just over a week ago. They got an offer Thursday, accepted it on Friday. Now they just have to wait for the inspections to come back and then they’ll be done. They stayed with us for the past week. They came-and-went a lot, and with the girls in VBS last week, it was pretty easy. There was some sadness this morning as they jumped on the road with no plans to be back until maybe the holiday season. Our girls want to go visit again, but we have at least two destinations on our list before our next return to Florida.

Now it’s time for the girls and I to jump back into our Summer To Do list. Fortunately after a very hot, humid week, this week looks much more comfortable for doing things outside.

A belated Happy Father’s Day to the rest of the dads out there.