“Never Been Wrong” – Waxahatchee. After several months of teasing single, Katie Crutchfield’s third solo album is finally out, and is receiving rave reviews. Based on the early songs, I’ve really been looking forward to it. And, after one listen, it really delivers. One of the best albums of the year so far.

“Dean’s Room” – Allison Crutchfield. I ignored Katie’s twin sister’s album – released back in January – because I didn’t love the first single. I the album a listen earlier this week and it’s pretty great, too. There’s a lot of talent in that family!

“The Gold” – Manchester Orchestra. I’ve ebbed and flowed with this band, loving some of their stuff and then not enjoying their music. They seem to have dialed the drama back a bit, and this is a really good song. The early buzz for their next album is quite positive.

“Westside” – Ratboys. Another album I’ve been spinning a lot over the past week, the Ratboys combine classic, mid-90s alt-rock with a hint of alt-country and come up with a very pleasing sound.

“Rain” – The Cult. 

Getting pretty sick of rain around here. Three inches in less than an hour last night flooded the entire north side of Indy. Right outside our neighborhood the water was measured at eight inches deep. Fortunately we’re on a bit of a rise and everything drains away from our house. And unlike the 2003 Labor Day flood our street didn’t flood. So no pushing S’s car around the corner to our driveway after she tried to drive through the backed up water a block away. Maybe Ian Astbury’s 1980s brilliance can help dry it out here for awhile.